John MeHlEnbacher


John Mehlenbacher is a visionary leader in the real estate industry, with a remarkable track record of over $8 billion in sales and the successful transaction of more than 18,000 units; his expertise is unparalleled. In 2012, John shifted his focus to land assembly and sales, leading his team to new heights of innovation and success.

John’s journey in the real estate world began in the mid-1990s when he started his career by launching 500 and 550 Queen’s Quay on Toronto’s waterfront. As an early adopter of technology, he introduced the concept of a one-stop shop, setting a precedent for the industry. He was pivotal in selling over $2 billion worth of real estate, earning numerous industry awards. In 2004, driven by the potential of the Internet in international property offerings, John co-founded a boutique firm that eventually evolved into The Condo Store, boasting over 300 high-net-worth clients worldwide. Their investments have expanded from pre-construction condominiums to various facets of the real estate industry.

John decided to get into the business’s development side after being on the sales end of the real estate transactions. John has developed multi-residential condominiums, townhouses, and single-family residences with various partners. John is well-attuned to what is necessary to get these communities developed. John is involved in all aspects of the development, from purchasing the sites to raising capital to financing and budgeting and, ultimately, building.

John is focused on building communities that matter.

Diane Bertolin


Diane is an experienced real estate developer who founded a real estate capital and development company and co-developed a 61,000 sq. ft. commercial building in Burlington, Ontario. She is currently working with Red Pine Communities to bring several multi-use projects west of Toronto to market.  In addition to her business ventures, she works as a licensed Mortgage Agent, Level 2, helping businesses and developers find mortgages for their companies and projects. She has a talent for assembling and verifying all closing documents required by title insurance companies and initializing loans. She works with private investors to invest in mortgages, including private first or second mortgages on residential or commercial properties, land assembly, mezzanine financing, construction loans for flips, and bridge financing.

She also founded The Collective Publishing Company Inc. and specialized in inbound marketing, public relations, consulting, and social media marketing. As the Managing Director of eWomen Network – Windsor, they connected like-minded women to help grow their businesses. With 19 years of experience in municipal government administration as a Licence Commissioner for the City of Windsor, she has a proven track record of leadership success in fostering constructive working relationships between the government and the private sector.



Hicks Design Studio is a testament to both the impeccable vision and masterful skills of the firm’s founder, William Hicks, and their successful predecessor firm, the Hicks Partnership. They are a collective of passionate, experienced and skilled design professionals, dedicated to the craft of producing creative, compelling and authentic architectural solutions. They strive for excellence in every step of the process, from initial meetings and concepts through to construction and, ultimately, a successful realization of the client’s vision. Furthermore, their ability to expertly guide and gain approvals in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a valuable resource they offer all clients

Landscape Architect


Daniel J. O’Brien & Associates Limited Landscape Architects was formed in 1987 and have been responsible for the design of some of the most iconic landscapes in Ontario. These landscapes range from well known public waterfronts to exclusive estate residential gardens and can be found in the areas from the most southerly reaches of the Golden Horseshoe to the St.Lawrence River valley, and north to the Muskoka Lakes region. The principal, Daniel O’Brien, has a career spanning over 30 years involving experience in the nursery and landscape design/build industry to municipal park planning and administration and is committed to providing responsive quality service in a broad range of landscape architectural consulting assignments